The goal of the 1 New Idea Broker Network is to help you sell a business, buy a business or locate a business opportunity that meets your specific needs.  1 New Idea will help you find the business that is right for you.

The 1 New Idea Broker Network allows our members to work together to offer you more businesses to review and to create multiple buyer opportunities.  Whether you are selling a business, buying a business or looking for a business opportunity 1 New Idea’s Broker Network is your first choice for true professional quality business brokerage assistance.

Our members share their buyers through a data base of individuals, merger and acquisition groups, investment groups, and corporations that are seeking to make acquisitions.  Most of our broker members are willing to co-broker with other members of the network.  This increases buyer opportunities and leads to faster sale of the business for the current owner.

If you are considering buying or selling a business, 1 New Idea’s Broker Network can help you accomplish your goals!

For further information please contact us via phone:
1-855-321-IDEA (4332)
Email: broker@1newidea.com