About 1 New Idea

1 New Idea is a Mentor Capitalist Firm.  1 New Idea specializes in identifying individual entrepreneurs and small to medium-size businesses who need capital investment, business plan development, marketing, sales training and space analysis. While many SMB companies and entrepreneurs may begin with a great “idea”, many struggle to become self-reliant and successful due to their limitations in time-management, knowledge and experience, capital and funding, or company manpower and leadership.  1 New Idea can provide the capital investment and partnership opportunities needed to make your idea a success.

St. Louis entrepreneurs Ken Lawler, David Leavitt and Adam Rubenstein are the founders and principals of  1 New Idea and are experienced business leaders that have started and helmed multiple St. Louis area companies over the past 15 years.  All have had successful sales careers, both in St. Louis and in other top markets such as Chicago and Dallas.

Another element the firm offers is called the Partner Network.  It is a network of business professionals with specific skills, knowledge and expertise, which serves as an available resource partner for the companies being mentored.

Lastly, the Broker Network is another facet which will help you sell a business, buy a business or locate a business opportunity that meets your specific needs.  1 New Idea also has investment opportunities available.